Dear Mrs. Athena Hohenberg

Today I read in a magazine, that you were shocked about the fact, how unhealthy „Nutella“ is. It was written that you found out, that the sweet breakfast chocolate spread is not as balanced as the promotion of Ferrero does mention it. You recognized that Nutella is not better than any sweets. And you observed on top of it, that Nutella has a big amount of saturates.

Well, yes: Nutella is sweet! I guess it is as sweet in San Diego/ California/ USA as it is in Bardenberg/ North Rhine-Westphalia/ Germany. Here in my little hometown it tastes great. And I love it!

O.K., I enjoy Nutella just once in a while. Not every day. And not the whole day. And not excessive. Because I can read. After all on my glass of Nutella it is written, what kind and in which amount ingredients are in Nutella. That help me to discipline myself not to cram full in me that stuff.

Of course I don´t know, if it is written on your glass aswell. Therefore I place an image just here. Sorry it´s written in German language, but might look similar to yours in american English. Maybe you have a look at the backside of your glass Nutella.

I understand, that you are a very responsible mother. You really live an exemplary function towards your child. And in that function it must worry you, when a commercial is misleading.

Nevertheless I understand your worries, I think we are quiet different.

First of all: I do not eat Nutella all day long. I mentioned it.

Secondly: I´m aware, that too much Nutella can´t be healthy. But isn´t it normal with every thing? To much Big Macs makes you sick. To much Cola makes you sick. To much coffee makes you sick. To much of something makes you sick. It´s normal! To me and a lot of people here in Germany.

Thirdly: I don´t believe any commercials. Of course they want to sell their products and of course in their understanding everything is great with it. Didn´t you know this?

And I tell you, I don´t believe everything what is said in TV. And I don´t believe everything what is written in newspapers and magazines. So maybe this article about you and your fight against Ferrero is a fake, too. Eventually I can´t believe this story.

Be assure, if I would stay in San Diego, I would buy Nutella there, too. Just like you. Maybe I would not eat as much as you obviously do. I´m sure, I would love Nutella there as I love it here, in good old Germany.

But don´t worry. I´m not planning to visit the USA. Never ever. I surely believe, it´s too dangerous out there! On that score I´ve seen a lot on TV and read in newspapers about your country. I admire you somehow, that you are still living there.

Anyway, take care, yours Ralf Pauli.

P.S.: Excuse kindly my spelling mistakes. I apologize for that. No reason to engage your lawyer!

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  1. rosa sagt:

    this is great! thank you for the fun readin! I am a fan of nutella too. i am from italy, and live in the USA. I do not have a TV, So i do not know how misleading the advertising are. ha ha! yours is a great letter!

    1. Ralf Pauli sagt:

      Hi Rosa,
      thank you very much for your comment above, which made me very happy!
      Since you love nutella as I do, too, maybe we both start a worldwide „pro Nutella campaign“?! Should ask Ferrero, if they support us. With some glasses of Nutella for free…;-))
      In bocca al lupo!

  2. Liz sagt:

    Apparently, Mrs. Athena Hohenberg has too much time on her hands! I am embarrassed at the greed, litigiousness and exploitative nature of so many people in our country. (sigh) I wonder what life lesson this episode will be imparting to her impressionable daughter? Ralf, please don’t let this kind of nonsense keep you away from the USA! I promise you, not everyone is like her! 🙂

  3. Michael sagt:

    Brilliant !
    Pure common sense.

    Thank you!


  4. Jeremiah sagt:

    Very well written and fair, considering Ms. Hohenberg’s silly lawsuit and apparent inability to read labels. But let me assure you, from someone who has lived in America all 38 years of his life, to believe that America is a dangerous place to live just because of the sensationalist and well-composed trash you see in the newspapers and on TV is about as smart and informed as this woman believing Nutella is nutritious, just because a commercial said it is. I don’t mean to sound insulting to you at all. You seem to be an intelligent, nice person. But America is a very, very large place and, just like anywhere, it has some places that are dangerous and some places that are not…in fact, the vast majority of America is pretty much safe. America is not one gigantic, crime-ridden Los Angeles/Chicago/New York City. It is vast and full of all kinds of culture that varies greatly with the many, many regions, cities, towns, millions of people, etc.

    Am I to believe that Germany is full of beer guzzling, sausage-eating, fat or large breasted, Lederhosen or Dirndl-wearing Nazis who perpetually celebrate Oktoberfest (or some other stereotype, take your pick) just because I have seen this portrayed in every form of media for most of my life? No way! Of course not! And I didn’t believe this even before I started visiting there on a regular basis 4 years ago.

    So please, let me assure you…America is not a land of danger. It is a great and, for the very much most part, safe place to live. Unfortunately, we do have our share of sillies, like Ms. Hohenberg and worse, but every country, of course, has that.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


    1. BaTo sagt:


      Maybe we should tell her that fire is hot and water is wet.

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