Dear Martha Payne


Many magazines in Germany are reporting about your story. And wow! What a brilliant idea! Very clever to make pics of your school meals and blog them. It inspired so many many people and made up a discussion of quality and quantity of school meals world-wide. You really hit a topic point, which also the continuously increasing visits at your blog shows.

The reaction of the authorities from your school board to forbid you continuing blogging proves it, that the quality of the meals at your school was not the best. Most probably the responsible people have seen the food with help of your photos for the first time. And it made them to embarrassed…

As everyone can see on your blog, you obviously impressed so many people, specially other pupils, that they also make photos of their daily meals. So many people are now discussing children needs. This is really great!

And on top of it, you start a donation for the international movement “Mary´s Meals”, which also turned out to a big success!

Respect and congratulation to you, young lady! Keep it up!

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